How to Disable or Reduce Scrolling Inertia (Momentum Scrolling) on Asus Laptops No ratings yet.

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Why Asus needs to improve their touchpad driverI got myself a new Asus laptop on the weekend, the UX305CA version with an intel m3 chip. So far I’m really enjoying it and the completely silent operation as absolutely fantastic. It has generally been trouble free, however the trackpad is a little frustrating. I understand that it isn’t a premium priced ... Read More

Best HDMI Splitter you can buy in the UK 3/5 (2)

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What exactly is an HDMI Splitter? An HDMI splitter is a small device that takes a single HDMI input such as a games console, Sky TV box, CCTV camera or smart TV box and displays the same image onto multiple HDMI displays such as TV’s or monitors. Below is a picture of a 4-output HDMI splitter. I assume you are … Read More

How to stream games from a PC to another computer No ratings yet.

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Introducing in Home Game Streaming Streaming home media is becoming more and more popular thanks to devices such as Google’s Chromecast and media boxes such as Apple TV and Amazons firebox. We can stream video, documents and music from one computer to another but what about games? The NVIDIA SHIELD allows users to stream their games from a computer to … Read More

Guide to converting Scart to HDMI easily 5/5 (2)

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Is it Possible to convert Scart into HDMI? Short answer: Yes it is possible, but please read this whole article as it contains VERY important details that will save you from buying the wrong item and wasting your money! Most of you who will be reading this article are either looking to convert a SCART into HDMI or the other way ... Read More

Dell Venue 8 Pro Tips and Tricks No ratings yet.

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It has been over 3 months since I purchased my Dell Venue 8 Pro. The idea of a full windows PC inside such a small device with full .exe program compatibility really caught my eyes. I would normally  use my Acer Ultrabook for working on my projects on the go, but the poor battery life and constant overheating/fan problems made me … Read More