Chest of Drawers GlitterBuzz Transformation No ratings yet.

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How to transform your old drawers into this Why throw away your old and rusty chest of drawers when you can give them a complete makeover using some GlitterBuzz wallpaper. My mum came up with this idea and we decided to give it a try, I mean why not, we were about to throw the drawers away. It turned out ... Read More

ZipAce Frequently Asked Questions No ratings yet.

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ZipAce Telescopic Ladder Frequently Asked Questions Below are a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding the ZipAce Telescopic ladder. Feel free to leave a comment below if you want your question answered. We will try and answer them as soon as we can. Can the ZipAce Telescopic Ladder be used at any height? Yes! All our recommend ladders ... Read More

Common Mistakes When Purchasing a Telescopic Ladder 5/5 (1)

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So many options, who can you trust?I get hundreds of emails each week from visitors asking me which telescopic ladder they should purchase. Many people fall for the trap of buying the first item they see on the internet that seems to suit their needs, however they are often disappointed with the received product. Finding the best telescopic ladder can ... Read More

British Ladder Certification Standards Explained No ratings yet.

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Types of ladder ClassificationIf you are planning to buy a ladder in Britain or Europe, it is the sellers job to make sure the ladder has been manufactured in the highest standard possible and meets one of three classifications for ladder certification standards. The type of classification a ladder gets is determined by many variables including but not limited to: ... Read More

Best Telescopic Ladders to Buy in the UK 5/5 (5)

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Why you should buy a Telescopic LadderIf you are familiar with the basics of telescopic ladders Click here to jump straight to the guidelines of buying a high quality one.Telescopic ladders are becoming more and more popular in households and businesses around the world. They are both reliable and portable, making them extremely convenient and easy to store around your ... Read More